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The Game Restaurant of the year 2020

Enjoy food from the forest, lake and sea in a lovely setting at Restaurant Pivo. In the heart of Gothenburg, the city's first game restaurant.

It is more hip than ever to eat what our forests, lakes and seas offer. This trend is growing stronger and not only attracts food geeks and hunters, on the contrary, today all kinds of people of all ages choose to eat these delicacies, which are also sustainable and climate-smart food.

Patrick Lucic och Attila Tamas 

Has worked with the idea for a long time


Attila Tamas and Patrick Lucic are the founders and owners of Restaurant Pivo. They also stand behind the award-winning meatloaf Meet.


- It's time to raise Pivo one level. We have been working on this idea for a long time and now we really look forward to being able to offer the Gothenburg citizens and other guests these fantastic raw materials that we actually have available, ”says Attila Tamas.

That Attila is an avid hunter has helped to create this unique restaurant with the message "Passion for game".


- We are convinced that everyone who appreciates good food, and is interested in the origin and quality of what they put into themselves, will love Pivo, says Attila with a smile.

Pivo stays open all summer and serves its summer menu until the menu changes August 30.




- Eating wild is in the time of sustainability. In addition to the taste experience, it is also a climate-smart choice. The animals live freely in our forests, meadows, lakes and the sea without the addition of, for example, feed and antibiotics.

- Game is today the only meat that gets green light straight through the World Nature Fund.

Read more about wildlife at WWF:

Read the press release about here >>

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