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Passion for game

At Restaurang Pivo, we start from what nature can offer for various delicacies from forest, lake and sea. In order to give our guests an optimal experience, we have also used the help of nature to put a unique stamp on the interior, an "all-in" concept that was a success from day 1.


The decor and overall interior is unique and uncompromising. During the construction of the restaurant, the restaurateur and dedicated employees were out in the forest collecting wood and other natural materials to heighten the feeling of nature.


One of our first customers said "Fascinating, it's like stepping straight into a modern hunting lodge". With walls covered in wood, velvet and comfortable dark leather furniture, it was a pretty apt description. To give a little extra elegance, we have worked with muted textures and colors, hunting-inspired staff clothing, royal paintings, crystal chandeliers and rustic wooden tables


An interior that has grown into its very own and unique "hunting clothes".

Interior that sets the scene for the costumers food experience

If excellent ingredients, innovative dishes and the highest level of service are central to what our customers can expect, the atmosphere and interior are what elevate a visit to Restaurang Pivo to a level you only want more of.


It is often the small details that make an experience genuinely good and we often hear from our guests that a visit to Pivo grows stronger as you absorb all the details and impressions from the interior.

Livly or calm

When we planned the interior for Restaurang Pivo, we had the idea from the start of being able to offer our customers two different parts of the restaurant.


In one part, it offers an environment with high tables, large bright windows and a slightly faster pace.

The second part is calmer, more relaxed and offers a more sober atmosphere. There are soft leather chairs, fabric, velvet and a seclusion from the bar.


So, a little depending on what mood you are in or what company you will be spending the evening with, our guests can enjoy an environment suitable for every unique occasion.

A freedom of choice to which we have received a very positive response, both from new and returning guests.

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