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For hunters

We happily accept bones from ungulates and as a thank you you get a bottle of Pivo's own game stock.

Get in touch on 031-182239 or email us at so we can accommodate you.


Hunters words

My passion for hunting is about the quiet, being undisturbed, time to reflect and recharge, combined with excitement and a fantastic camaraderie. On top of that, it's fantastically good and fun to be able to offer my own shot venison at Pivo.

I mostly hunt fallow deer but also deer and wild boar. With a bit of luck, also moose and red deer. For me, it is a matter of course to take care of the whole animal. I skin, cut, make sausages, air dry the cold cuts and use the whole animal.

Well met

 Attila Tamas  ( Owner and hunter)

Hunters friends


Koberg viltoffers tasty products from wild game. The ingredients for the refined products are carefully selected and the raw materials refined according to old tradition. Our products are smoked in a smokehouse with knowledge and operations from the beginning of the last century. We smoke on wood shavings in brick ovens, which gives by far the best taste. Swedish products with a taste of the world through spices and composition. The meat is of course inspected and of the highest quality and delivered directly from our slaughterhouse.


Stjärnåsen Skyttecenter is a state-of-the-art shooting center located in the beautiful forests around Landvetter. Here you get a hunting experience out of the ordinary. In their shooting cinema you shoot with live ammunition against real-life cinematics that create realistic hunting experiences. The films are projected on a 2.7 x 9 meter cinema screen. Both professionals and beginners are warmly welcome. They have trained shooting instructors on site who are experienced in taking care of all types of shooters.


Activehunt is a small personal hunting company that has a burning interest in animals and nature and its surrounding hunting. They have chosen to work with the hunting grounds and organizers of hunting trips that pay dividends and have that little bit extra. What every hunter wants, nature experience, recreation, good animal welfare, good hunting and a high safety and standard.


Jgjakt offers a wide range of weapons, ammunition as well as hunting clothing and accessories from over 50 different international brands. All their clothes and accessories are of high quality and are personally selected with a feeling for the combination of quality and function.


Chevalier is driven by an aspiration – to create the conditions for a life closer to nature. For all the moments where well-thought-out functions are not noticeable but make all the difference. For all situations where weather and the forces of nature do not interfere with either patience or focus. For all occasions where self-confidence is boosted by the feeling of being properly dressed.

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Hunters choice

Occasionally, Pivo brings in my self-shot game, approved for serving. We take care of the whole animal and offer various piece details on a chalkboard inside Pivo. Very much appreciated by our guests.

Ask the staff if you want to know more.

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