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Exit the workweek the best way

From 16:00 all fridays our bar has great prices and small delicious  courses served from the bar 

PIVO - 2022 - JUNI-33.jpg
PIVO - 2022 - JUNI-56.jpg

Pivo´s Viltburgare

Friterad potatis | aioli | baconlök med rosepeppar | ost | picklad gurka | jordärtskocks emulsion

It's Friday and you know what that means! Time to head over to Pivo and have a few cold ones with your best friends. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing lager, a good drink or something to eat, Pivo has something for everyone.

Friday feeling

Hooray, it's finally Friday! Time to let out a big sigh of relief and celebrate the end of another exhausting week. You made it through another five days of meetings, deadlines, and the endless to-do list.

Time to celebrate the end of the week

Time to  pop the champagne & confetti  and get ready to hit the weekend! It's the best day of the week and we're going to have fun! Nice friday!

Celebrate Friday at Pivo's AW


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